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Shedding Systems

"Fieldtrip developed and created a website that was well beyond it's time as far as design and construction.

Part of that development included a flash video player that allowed us to host video clips of our industrial shredders destroying all kinds of items like mattresses, soccer balls, torpedoes, and even a VW bug. This was developed before YouTube and other mainstream video hosting websites. Our video clips were the main attractor on our website, and they went viral. We ended up on the David Letterman show, CNN, CNBC, The Discovery Channel, etc. In 18 months from launching our new website, our 30 year steady multi-million dollar revenue skyrocketed to over 2.5 times what we had ever done prior in our 30 year history.

This was all part of a well thought out, branded, and managed complete campaign including brochure, collateral, website and corporate design."

–Cathey Armillas
PURA Marketing
(formerly Director of Marketing, SSI)


Absorbent Technologies

"From my perspective, the Zeba site gave me two powerful tools – fund raising and sales. First, I was able to raise millions more in funding because the website demonstrated a credible, professional company, and second, the site was invaluable for sales, because it allowed farmers and potential customers to access a database of product trials based on crop and geography."

–David Moffenbeier
CFO, Absorbent Technologies, Inc.


Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership

"One of the first things I did when I started at OMEP as director of Sales and Marketing, was to work with Fieldtrip to revise the OMEP web site communication media. OMEP is a nonprofit consulting organization that relies on clients finding us through referrals, name recognition, and our web site.

Fieldtrip worked with us to define a look and identity that was favorably recognized and would  become the long term identity for OMEP. Once this was complete, Fieldtrip revised our business cards, posters, stationary, PowerPoint format, training material format, and brochures with this new image.

At that time, our website utilized obsolete technology, was out of date, was poorly laid out, had no pictures, and worse was simply unattractive. Fieldtrip helped us redefine, reorganize, and launch the new web site.  Fieldtrip helped us develop a graphic map of our customers and client success stories with stunning pictures that they integrated onto the web site. These additions became OMEP’s main sales tool both inside and outside the web site.

In addition, Fieldtrip modified the web site to give OMEP first page search results. OMEP has independent affiliates in every state and at the time, our web site received many compliments and became the model for many."
–Gerry Snell, Consultant
(formerly Director of Sales and Marketing)
 OMEP  /  Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership


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